You’ve read the prefab hype, now reap the benefits.

Prefab is not a new concept to construction.  It isn’t a secret, it isn’t complicated and it adds more money to your bottom line.  So why doesn’t everyone do it?  We have found there are several contributing factors ranging from wanting to keep key employees working in spite of lower profitability to field staff refusing to implement the prefab strategies.

We would like to help you reap some of the rewards of prefab – it can be as simple as purchasing common assemblies to be delivered to the job site for installation or as complicated as a full project analysis with a custom plan to maximize prefab opportunities.  Either way, isn’t it time you took advantage of the benefit of prefab?


Get what you need – Find your assemblies here.

We have flexible solutions to meet your Prefab needs. Options include:

Stock Assemblies – We have pre-built common assemblies available for same day pickup or next day delivery. Click here to see the list.

Custom Assemblies – If the stock items aren’t exactly what your job requires, no fear! We have inventory on hand to assemble the Prefab components to your exact specifications. We can have the custom assemblies ready for shipment or pick-up within 3-5 business days.

Prefab for the Unique Job – Do you have a special project where you think Prefab is a great fit but it doesn’t match the above categories? Click here to contact us and we will review your project together to see how to maximize job efficiencies.

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